Tuesday, December 3, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Welcome to the first Tuesday Song of the Week that I don't actually like.

'I Will Follow Him' - Little Peggy March
or as I refer to it 'The Stalking Song.'

I wanted something where the singer sounds the tiniest bit unhinged, as Ms. March does towards the end of the song.


Because I am being driven freaking INSANE by the inescapable and unhackable Christmas music that every single retail outlet insists on torturing the public with at this time of year.

The last straw was last evening at the supermarket where some light of singing ability songstress was piped through the sound system with her breathy version of 'Simply Having a Wonderful' yada yada.  I honestly thought that the top of my head would come off.  

I get that marketers will swear long and loud that fostering 'the Christmas spirit' among the sheeple will reap rich rewards for their clients, but as for me, it makes me LESS likely to buy anything I don't actually need.  

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