Sunday, September 1, 2013

You've heard it here first!

'It' meaning the awesome true fact that my beautiful and exceptionally floofy cat, Shlamoo, is gonna appear on Cute Overload for Halloween!!!



Dig the following:
 Note that the above is not touched up or photo-whatchamacallited or anything.  

She has very large eyes, in relation to her thoroughly adorable face, and plenty of times, when there's not much light in the room, you get to see the green flash thereof.

I got her and her sister Tippy from Northeast Animal Rescue back in 2005.  
  If you've been to my Etsy store, you've already seen Tippy.  She's my avatar. 

Their original parents were an elderly couple.  The wife was in very poor health, and more than once the rescue squad had to come out for her.  The problem was that when the rescue squad comes, they fling open the door, and if your dog/cat/turtle wants to take the opportunity to run out, there's nothing stopping them.  So their four cats went into foster care.  

 Shlamoo's original name was Ashlee, but she would never answer to me when I called her by that name.  Over time, I began calling her Ashalee, then Ashalamoo, which finally became Shlamoo, which she answers to.

This is fortunate, because when I'm idly singing, the name fits into all kinds of songs, including, 'Life Could be a Dream (Shaboom)

'Life could be a dream, Shlamoo Shlamoo...'

and Cole Porter's 'I Get a Kick Out of You'

'I get no kick from champagne,

Mere alcohol,

Doesn't thrill me at all,

So tell me, why should it be true,
That I got a cat called Shlamoo.'

And 'I Love a Parade.'  Probably the tune I sing most often.

'IIIII love a Shlamoo,

I totally do,

love a Shlamoo...'  and so on. 

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