Tuesday, September 17, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

You may have noticed that there was no Tuesday Song of the Week last week.  That was due a) I was on vacation in Cape May and b) even though I have a laptop computer, c) I don't have wireless internet.

So today you're getting TWO Tuesday songs of the week, the exceedingly awesome 'Valerie' by the greatest adorablest singing star of the greatest decade of music in history, i.e. Steve Winwood in the 1980s:

AND 'Valleri' by the Monkees, history's greatest fake rock group:

I remember when I was in kindergarten a nice lady coming up to me and asking my name.  I told her, and she said 'Valerie??'

And I said 'No, (my name*).  

Again, she asked 'Valerie???'

And again, I patiently said, 'No, (my name).'  

I may not have been a sample size Dame Judy Helen, but I was not a mushmouth either.  I could speak very clearly at that age.  

But we went back and forth and back and forth.  She never got it. 

Here's the reason she didn't get it: My name is a boy's name 99.9% of the time, but was also the name of a glamorous dancing female celeb around the time I arrived, so hoping I guess that I would turn out to be glamorous and light on my feet, that's the name my mother chose for me.  It's not spelled like the boy's name, but is spelled like the last name of a famous Scottish author. 

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