Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pixie May and Lucinda

I got these two adorable little green-eyed kittens last week at Columbus Flea Market, after I'd packed up.

The guy who was selling them told me he'd just gotten them (that morning, I assume) and people were telling them that they were from Japan.  I disagreed most vociferously.  He sorta kinda agreed with me, sorta.  I KNEW what these were, but I couldn't remember the maker. 

I kept sputtering -- 'I KNOW whose these are, I just can't...'

Then he said, 'I think maybe it's one of the Royals.  Royal something.'

Then I burst 'ROYAL COPLEY.  That's IT!!'

And so it is.  I christened them Pixie May and Lucinda.  I don't know what, if anything, Copley called them. 

There are a few Royal Copley cats that are very easy to find.  But these two are not.  In fact in my 21-year career, that was the first time I'd seen them. 

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