Tuesday, September 3, 2013

the Tuesday Song of the Week

This week we have Al Bano Carrisi singing the sooo romantic 'Buona Notte Amore Mio,' which is set to the tune of the barcarolle from Tales of Hoffman.

On our first date (which I didn't know was a date.  Long story.), my hubs first heard this on my car CD player.  Over time this sorta kinda became our song.

Mush alert: on our way home from our first overnight trip together, a weekend in Cape May, we were driving in the middle of wooded nowhere when we came upon a real estate office which had a little parking lot.  It was Sunday, so the place was closed, and my hubs (who at that point was a mere fiance) had the following bo romantic inspiration:

He had me pull into the parking lot, cue up and crank up this song on my CD thingey, then we got out of the car and danced to it.

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