Friday, November 28, 2014

The Lady's Letter Writer: Letter XVI

I'm sorry I forgot all about this yesterday.  Anyway...

Letter XVI
To the Gentleman
(as relates to the last two letters)

Newport, September 10th, 18--

My Dear Sir:-- You will be delighted to hear that mamma is in every way favorable to our attachment.  I must say our -- for I now feel under no restraint in confessing that my partiality for you is closely akin to a deeper feeling.  Let us, however (as she herself advises,) seek to know each other's temperament and character more thoroughly ere we take too decided steps.  Let us learn each other's little humors and wishes, that we may the better know wherein we have to make allowance for, and yield to, one another.

I trust I shall see mamma in a few days, when I am sure her favorable opinion of you will be more and more confirmed.

                                           Believe me, my dear sir,

                                           Very sincerely yours,

                                                             ........ ...........

To: ...., Esq.

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