Wednesday, November 26, 2014

That's a croc

Specifically a crocodile briefcase.
 even more specifically, black horned crocodile brief case

and more specifically than that, a GENUINE black horned crocodile briefcase.
or attache case.
  Your choice.

Now, the discerning among you all know what these generally cost.

But I'm letting mine go for a piddling $300.

Why would I let a genuine crocodile briefcase go for $300, when even ones that are not in great condition go for twice that??

Well, mainly because a) I'm a nice person, and b) I'm an assiduous shopper, and if anybody can find a mindbogglingly awesome find at a ridiculously low price, it's me, and c) I'd rather make a quick sale, than wait for weeks or months for a bigger payday. 
If you knew what I paid for it, you'd fall off your chair.

So I win, and most importantly...

You can get the briefcase / attache case here:

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