Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Lady's Letter Writer: Letter XIII

Letter XIII

On receiving a Miniature from her Suitor

                            Hanover, June 3rd, 18--

My Dear....:-- I never thought that any fresh proof of your attachment was needed; nevertheless I have this day received another, and that one of the most acceptable I could have desired, viz. the portrait of whom, of all others, I am most desirous to keep in recollection.  In contemplating this specimen of the artist's skill, I feel that it will ever recall you forcibly to my recollection, and in so doing, will be a constant source of delight to my mind, and will afford me some kind of solace during your absence.  I need scarcely add that I accept your gift with unspeakable delight, although, at present, I have nothing better to send you in return than a fresh assurance of my most constant attachment, which, I trust, may prove as welcome to you as your treasured miniature has prove to me, and in this hope I remain,

                                                My dear ...., 

                                                    Ever your's affectionately,

                                                                            .............  ...........

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