Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Lady's Letter Writer: Letter XV

I had a such a hard time locating the book today that I briefly considered substituting today's post with material from an 1862 edition of Oddfellows Companion that I'll soon be selling.  But it did finally turn up, so here goes...

Letter XV
The Answer 
(i.e. to last week's letter) 

New York, September 7, 18--
My Dearest Child:-- Make yourself perfectly easy as to my consent to anything that can promote your happiness.  If Mr. .... be what you represent, my fondest wishes that you might meet with a desirable partner in life will be realized.  At the same time, do not be to hasty in giving an unqualified assent to his proposals, but take time to learn those minute shades of disposition and character which nothing but constant acquaintance can display. 

I shall be at Newport on the, and shall not only be delighted to meet by dear child again, but to be introduced to the man of whom she has thought so worthy of her affections.  

                                     Your ever-loving mother

To Miss ....

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