Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XIV

Letter XIV

From a young Lady to her Mother

Newport, September 3rd, 18--

My Dear Mamma:-- From what you know of Newport you will not be surprised to hear that I have enjoyed an incessant round of gaiety and pleasure; my health, too, is completely recruited, and my friends are so kind, that I almost feel at home.

But I have a more serious matter to confess to you, at which I hope you will not feel angry.  It seems almost ungrateful to think of loving any one but you, but, oh manna, if you saw Henry..., you would forgive me, I'm sure.  He is so handsome, so gentle in his manners, and yet so sensible and accomplished.  We met at the .... Ball, and he scarcely quitted my side the whole evening.  Mrs. .... has so high an opinion of him, that she has repeatedly inviting him to her home, until his visits have become of almost daily occurrence.  He is most honorable and straight-forward, and only waits permission to write to you, in order to give you the full particulars of his condition and prospects.

Pray, dear Mamma, forgive me when I confess that my feelings are deeply enlisted in his favor, and that I feel as if much of my future happiness depended upon our union.  I wish you were here to counsel and advise with me, for never before did I so much feel my own heart master of my reason.

I hope you will write directly, or come immediately to your affectionate, but anxious child.

                                    ...........   ...............

To Mrs. .....

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