Tuesday, August 19, 2014

vintage shoes for youse

Hubs and I went to a maaahvelous on-site auction on Saturday, which offered lotsa awesome stuff, especially in the area of vintage clothing and accessories, including some very cool shoes, such as...

 this divine pair of Spring-O-Lators
with lucite heels with rhinestones on 'em!!

alas, the shoes are very very tiny.

These are very attractive, but I think they're missing something,
since the straps are not going to tie the shoes to your foot.
These are tiny, too. 

 Aren't these cute?
Yep, also tiny.

Now these are just da (circa 1910) bomb!
 I've seen tons and tons of shoes from this period, but nothing in this style.
Of course, these are tiny.  They always are.

These are my favorites.  So so green and attractive.

I got more shoes at this auction, but they're still in the car.  Which brings us to an awesome pair of shoes not from the auction, but from a thrift shop:

Now, they may not look like much in the photo, but they're fantastic in person.  They happen to fit me, and when I put them on, I morphed into my inner 4-year old, and I didn't want to take them off because they really REALLY look good on the feet. 

However, amma sell them because a) I have nowhere to wear them, and b) I fear that walking too far in them might encourage my bunions to rear their ugly heads.

(Actually, I really don't have bunions no more -- thank you, Dr. Shinder - but I'm taking no chances.)

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