Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

I have way more stuff I wanted to post today, but my camera is waiting for a part (sort of a part.  not really a part, but kinda) to come in, and until then, I got nothing to show you.

But that has nothing to do with the Tuesday Song of the Week.


But I just wanted you to know.

Saturday evening, the hubs and I were here:
the building in the back.  We weren't in front of the statue.
In fact, I didn't even notice the statue.

Here's what the inside looks like:
this is a picture pulled of the 'net.  

Where is 'here' ??

It's the Grand Auditorium in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, and it is a bo impressive wooden structure, built in the 1890s.

Ocean Grove is pretty much synonymous with the 'Ocean Grove Camp Meeting,' which was founded by some Methodist clergymen way back when.  Therefore, Ocean Grove is very lovely and Christian and sweet.  

'Why are you telling me this,' you ask.  'I signed up for the song of the week, not a travelogue.'

Give me time.
this is clip art.  Not from Ocean Grove.  It's intended to keep you reading.

We were there for the Johnny Mathis concert, featuring the man himself in person.

It was maaaahvelous.  He looks fantastic, especially considering he's turning 79 next month, and his voice is sounds exactly as it did when he first recorded all his never-to-be-forgotten hits.  Plus, he had Gary Mule Deer, who had the hubs in stitches (even though, objectively, the hubs could go rings around Mr. Mule Deer, hilariousness-wise).

Here's something that was really neat, and a pleasant reminder that the whole world hasn't yet gone to the dark side:

Before the concert started, a guy on stage led us all in prayer, and then we -- all Idunnohowmany thousands of us - sang the national anthem.

How cool is that ??

Now onto our song:
when those first few notes were played, the crowd went NUTS.

'Chances Are' - Johnny Mathis

And now onto our other song:
yes.  today, you're getting a twofer.

The hubs really liked this one.
'99 Miles from L.A.' - Johnny Mathis

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