Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm baaaack !!

Back from vacation, which is why you dinna get a Tuesday Song of the Week last week.

But - oh! - what a vacation we had.

We took a whale watching boat ride and saw...

a humpback whale
this is clip art.  not our actual whale.

AND we saw -- and this was sooooo much cooler ....

See, I saw something in the distance.  It looked gold-ish and a little coral-ish, and I couldn't tell if it was something in the water for boats, or just some trash, or something alive.  But as it swam closer and closer, I saw that it was...
a honking HUGE sea turtle.
above is not the actual turtle.  It's clip art.

My other big first time nature sighting was on the roof of the hotel where we were staying.  The building has a shingled roof, and there are windows in the bathroom, that look over the roof.  

On the roof I'd see three little sparrows, one of which would be picking idunnowhat off the roof, and putting it in the mouth of one of the other sparrows.  I saw them doing this practically every day.
These are not the actual sparrows, as you may have guessed.

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