Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter III

Here we are with the third letter from the book...

Letter III
On More Intimate Acquaintance
(i.e. yet another follow-up to the first letter: 'A young Lady, in Answer to the Proposal of a Gentleman who had met her the previous Evening')

Hempstead, May 1, 18...

Dear ...

We shall all be very happy to see you here for a little evening festival to the children of the village.  When I say we, it of course includes some one in whose heart you now hold a place, with whose fondest thoughts and prayers your name has been associated for some months past.  I believe we are to perform charades, or something of that sort, and I have been occupied half the week in cutting old window curtains and soft-covers into absurd costumes, supposed to be Oriental.  I know you are very clever at that sort of nonsense, so I hope you will come and have a good laugh with and at

                                                                 Your affectionate .....,


P. S. Come early.  I have something to say to you.  Besides, you can do everything; and we want you to assist in arranging the scenery -- such as it is.

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