Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter II

As promised last week, every Thursday, I'll be posting a letter from this book.  

This week's letter...

Letter II
Another, More Favorable
(i.e. this is a follow-up to last week's letter: 'A young Lady, in Answer to the Proposal of a Gentleman who had met her the previous Evening')

Hempstead, Sept. 1st, 18-

Sir: Although your letter of this morning comes upon me in a strangely unexpected manner, I feel that your intimate friendship with my kind hostess, Mrs. ...., perhaps excuses a precipitation which could scarcely be justified on ordinary grounds.  At the same time, I cannot think of giving a sanction to further attentions on your part without consulting Mrs. .... on the subject, and I have, therefore, placed your letter in her hands.  I cannot deny that I feel some pleasure in having elicited sentiments from you, which appear to be founded in honorable good feeling, but must for a time beg of you, to excuse me giving you any further sanction to your addresses.

                                               I remain, 
             Your sincere well-wisher and friend,

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