Monday, March 27, 2017

MORE made in USA print fabric

Here's what we're gonna do: Treat you to six print fabrics from my shop every day from Monday through Friday.

All American-made, in Henderson, North Carolina.

All beyond awesome.

All available in cotton, polyester, and linen.

All not with the watermark, which (if you're a long-time follower you already know) is only here on the blog to protect YOU from flying monkeys.  To be bo specific, watermarks be not on actual fabric.  Or on any of the other thousands of items in my store.

Now on to what you came for:

It would blow your mind how popular this image is.
 And how much stuff bearing the above image have been sold.

Another one of the  public's favoriates.

And yet another.

If this were the only image in my shop, i.e. the only image on all my mugs, apparel, pillows, blankets, gift wrap and cards, yada yada yada, it would single-handedly pay my mortgage.
 For reals.
Now that it's on fabric and therefore potentially on clothing and curtains and that, all the more so.

As far as epic cuteness goes, this one's another winner.

The fairy tale wedding crowd are ALL OVER this.

See MORE novelty print fabric here:

And more thousands of everything here:

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