Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Lotsa ladies in my Zazzle store.

we gots bathing beauties on mouse pads,
we gots Edwardian ladies on gift wrap
 Don't I hand-color good?
We gots the Uptown Girl on bags
On a wallet, we gots The Clever Sister,
 as well as the sister who's not too sharp.
We gots a necktie printed with The Happiest Blonde in the Whole USA

We got La Belle Otero, famed 19th century courtesan, channeling her sinless side.
 in cufflinks form.
We got another bathing beauty, this one circa 1905, on a dinner plate
OK, now maybe this don't look like a lady, but it is:
 Madame Tessandra of the Academie National de Musique et de Danse
Gracing the cover of a notebook.  The image comes from a 1929 playbill for the troupe's performance of Faust.

Wouldn't you love to know where that thing on her head is today?  I know I would.

You can get all of the above ladies on a wealth of items: apparel, home decor stuff, accessories, and MORE MORE MORE

ALLL the ladies in my store can be viewed here: 


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