Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XVIII

Letter XVII
In the Negative 
(i.e. a follow-up of last week's A Widow, in Answer to Proposals)

Kingston, July 14, 18--

Dear Sir:-- I have just perused the flattering letter with which you have favored me.  Of late, whilst enjoying the pleasure of your company, I have not failed to observe your behavior towards myself has been more than ordinarily attentive; and that on one occasion you have rendered yourself of essential service to my interests.  Such conduct has not failed in attaining my favor and friendship, but has not had the effect of inspiring a deeper passion -- a passion I have totally renounced, whether on account of the advance of years (as the case may be), or of attachment to the memory of my late husband, it is immaterial of me to state.  Had I allowed myself to suppose that the attentions to which I have just alluded were prompted by any other feeling but that of simple friendship, I should certainly have endeavored to repress them.  Hence you may infer that, while I decline the honor of addresses, I still remain, with best wishes for your future welfare.  

                                                    Dear Sir, 

                                                      Your sincere friend,
                                                         .......  ......

To:...., Esq.

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