Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Lady's Letter-Writer: Letter XVII

Letter XVII
A Widow, in Answer to Proposals

Kingston, July 14, 18--

Dear Sir:-- I take the first opportunity of acknowledging the receipt of the flattering letter with which you favored me.  You wish to know if I am willing to enter again into the marriage state, and in the event of my being so, whether I should be averse to admitting you in the quality of a suitor.  I assure you, sir, I feel flattered by the latter question, and as to the former, I can only say, that I have no dislike to entering again into that state.  But our acquaintance at present is imperfect, and we are comparatively strangers to each others tastes and tempers.  I need scarcely observe that an intimate knowledge of such matters is absolutely requisite before we can decide whether we are fitted for enjoying a partnership in life.  Meanwhile, I have no objection to allowing such freedom of acquaintance as shall enable us to arrive at this knowledge, and can therefore only say, in conclusion, that the commencement of your addresses will meet with no obstacle from, 

                                                                        Dear sir,
                                                                            Your's most faithfully,

                                                                         ...........  .........

To:.... , Esq.

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