Friday, December 12, 2014

another Goodwill visit

This one was DA BOMB!

And here's what I got:
alabaster mushroom, made in Italy 

something from an actual critter, but rather small.  Some odd little deer from Africa? 

cute baby toy from back when babies were more intelligent than they are today. 

over 40 AWESOME illustrations in here. 

cute AND jingle-ey 

David O. Selznick is in the house! 

so is Holly Hobbie

something for holy water

1974 Horsman baby doll

silk and metallic collar

pre-occupied Occupied Japan

Royal Albert
I should have known this was not made in England Royal Albert.  It looks very cheap.

The only businesses on 5900 Rising Sun these days are Chinese take-out and drug dealers.

I love me a high-end coloring book

I also got a bag of art supplies, a piece of fancy wood my hubs will turn into art, some dishtowels, and Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon.


  1. WOW what a haul! Our Goodwills are so over shopped, I rarely find good things there anymore. I usually cant get there til the weekends and they are gone by then for sure! Happy Selling

  2. I probably should have specified. This all came from a Goodwill Outlet store. Plain vanilla Goodwill never has anything like this!