Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

Here's another one I never tire of.  The Talking Heads provided the soundtrack for my college years.
'What a Day That Was' - the Talking Heads

A bunch of years ago, I sorta kinda met David Byrne.  He gave a slide show and a brief lecture at the main library on the Parkway (you know the one, right?) tied in with a book he'd just written.  It was either Strange Ritual or The New Sins.  It was bo artsy experimental, as you'd expect.  During the slide show part, he sat not more than 10 feet away from me.  Which was kinda neat.

What I found strange - even stranger than being 10 feet away from the guy who did the soundtrack for my early 20s - was that I was practically the only person of my age there.  Everybody else was 10-15 years younger.  I guess people my age were out doing Christmas shopping (the event was in December.  What year I forget) or something similarly pathetic.

I bought the book, and waited in line to get it signed.  I guess he was really tired or cranky or whatever, because he made it very apparent that he'd rather be having root canal than sitting there signing books.

Anyway, I got it signed.  Then I sold it on eBay for twice what I paid.

The end.

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