Saturday, January 4, 2014

latest ties

Just when I think I've completely gone through my tie stock, I find more.  A LOT more.

Doesn't this one look neat on my new floor?

Here's some others you may or may not have seen before because I may or may not have posted them before.  But they're bo cool and you should look:

I930s droplets cocktail party design

1940s kaBOOM

1970s photo print Indian stuff - New Old Stock (NOS)!!

designer deco boredom.  This is either Yves St. Laurent or the other French guy whose name escapes me.

Robert Talbott is in the house!

circa 1950 tropical memories

optional optical illusion


Fin de siècle boulevardiers!

cuff linkage!

 And last, but certainly far from least
 New Orleans Dixieland serenaders

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