Tuesday, January 21, 2014

latest ashtrays from my collection

Feeling flush a month or so ago, I bought two lots of old ashtrays online.

Here's what I got:
My first one from Tijuana!

This one's a bit of a disappointment.
Was there really a Franklin Restaurant and was it really The Home of Good Food
Or - as the bottom of the ashtray implies, just a sample from an ashtray maker.

What's N. L.?

Another sample, another disappointment.

My French is not great, but it would seem Mme. Laura's
specialty is coupons for liver.  

Visit The Music Box, and then hightail it for the Frontier Tap and Bar.
Make sure you say 'Hi!' to Dutch and Alice.

Slim Jims putatively make your next drink taste better.
As long as that next drink isn't milk, orange juice or espresso.

Here's a knee-slapper in comedy Pennsylvania German.
translated as 'The groundhog lodge on the Lehigh, founded 1933.'
Here's a Wikipedia thing about this stuff:

If farmers like it, so should you.

Not sure how the farmers feel about this.

Phone 1890 ??

A hotel, the restaurant of which I used to work in, opened up a water park in the back, and rather than calling it what it is - a WATER PARK - they call it a 'resort.'

Now THIS is ashtray advertising at its finest.

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