Tuesday, August 22, 2017

the keys to your future

Held by keychains that might be in your future !!

Note that, as always, the watermark is only here to protect you from flying monkeys; it is not on the actual keychains.  Or key chains.

First up a SUPER CUTE beagle puppy.
A sweet trinket for the beagle lover.  or dog lover.  or puppy lover.
from an omigoshsosocool old catalog I have from a company that made match books.

Buy a bunch for your biz !!
indescribably difficult to describe,
but super-neato anyway.
the first of two maaavelous Victorian trade card images.
another little pup, this one kinda floof-tastic.
The second Victorian trade card, from way back when being thin was not in fashion.
See hundreds -- yep, hundreds -- more awesome keychains here:


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