Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fall wedding guide

Also known as 'Autumn wedding guide.'

First up are PERFECT paper plates and napkins for the barn wedding:

Note that all the plates shown are available with matching napkins and vice versa.  Note also that the watermark is only there to protect you from flying monkeys; it does not appear on the actual items.  

We got barn fowl.  And not just what's shown here !

We got all kinds of swine and pigs and that.

We got cows

and we got sheep.

Two examples of what the napkins look like: 

I will be constantly listing more items with these prints.  I have tons more not only of birds, but also different breeds of cattle and sheep, and maybe a few other critters.

Next up, lovely things that make lovely gifts for your bridesmaids:

Lotsa bags in addition to the below.
And wallets, too.

Next, we have gift-giving items:
gift bags 

keepsake boxes!
 Use it to hold a gift, or it can be a gift in and of itself.  NEAT.

Now we have the perfect notebook either for a guest register OR a book there the bride can keep lists and records and everything else related to wedding planning:

For barn wedding items, go here:

For everything else wedding and romance related, go here:

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