Tuesday, August 29, 2017

latest AWESOME vintage ties for guhROOVY guys

The ties are new, the images are either vintage or older than dirt:

This is one of the older than dirt ones, dating to 1906 or so.
another golden oldie !
Don't I hand-color good?

BTW, this is a new new new image in my store, on all sorts of new new stuff.
Go here: https://www.zazzle.com/the_olden_eye/products?rf=238225004668148127Z  and in the 'Search This Store' box, enter 'Celtic.'
The black hat let's you know that he's wicked.
Nevertheless, he still looks GREAT on a necktie.
crooner Dick Haymes is in the house !!
History's First Non-Embarrassing Christmas Tie
He ain't on a buffalo, but still...
Lastly, we have a maaaahvelous 1948 Austin Devon.

See more, get more here:

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