Saturday, December 17, 2016

Your mouse pad is boring.

Yes, it is.

You know it is.  

And that's a problem.  

But we here at Full-Service Bohemian HQ have the answer.

You can now spend your workday and/or the time you spend mindlessly surfing the 'net in the company of a non-boring, and thoroughly ALL THAT mouse pad!

Unbelievable, but true !!

For example:
Oops, just know this: the watermark is only there to protect you from flying monkeys -- and who wants to deal with flying monkeys right before Christmas?  Nobody, that's who. The watermark does NOT appear on the actual mouse pads.

Also that thing in the lower right?  That's Zazzle's thing to make people know that a mouse pad is a mouse pad.  That too is absent from the actual product.

Lastly, know that the images on the actual mouse pads are as sharp as sharp can be, and not very slightly blurred like they appear below.  

Got it?

We have healthy vegetables for you!
And not just sugar peas.  We got tomato mouse pads, and tomato paste mouse pads, and cocoanut (sic) mouse pads, and sauerkraut mouse pads, and MORE.

You really ought to be looking into your future on a regular basis.
The above mouse pad will help you do that.

And here's more looking into the future!
 Don't I hand-color good?

Next we got Uncle Sam being all heroic and like that.
 My store also has another -- and will soon have yet another -- Uncle Sam mouse pad.

Richard Widmark is in the house!
 And, potentially, on your desk.

 And how good of a hand-colorer am I?

While you're waging war at work, Rover will keep you covered.
I do hand-color good.

For hundreds (really) more mouse pads of mine, go here:

And for even more awesome awesomeness, go here:

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