Tuesday, December 27, 2016

pillow talk

Welcome to Pillow Talk, where I talk about pillows.

AWESOME pillows that you -- yes, even you -- can purchase!  And also, buy.



Yes, yes, I know there's a watermark.  As stating many times, these are specifically there to protect YOU from flying monkeys.  The watermarks are NOT on the actual pillows.

Next, we got...
A putto and his dolphin friends!
YES, this is a round pillow.  
Awesome, no?

And now there's...
Her Very Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth I
In addition to pink, note that we also have her in lavender and in blue.

Furthermore, there's...
young love

There's also...
birdy love!

Speaking of fauna,
from an ancient book I have re: raising farm critters
Note that my store is FULL of stuff bearing images from the afore-mentioned book.

Now onto the kiddie corner...
Mother Goose and frend

the urban cowboy

All of the above and MORE -- sooo much more -- pillow-ally speaking, in my store.  Take a look see here: 

There's thousands - yep, THOUSANDS -- of other must-have must-haves in my store.  Check them out here:

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