Thursday, December 22, 2016

A blanket statement

Didja know my Zazzle store has throw blankets?

Maybe you did, maybe you didna.

Nevertheless, check some -- i.e. these -- out !!

*Note that the watermarks are there to protect YOU from flying monkeys.  They are NOT on the actual blankets.

Did you know Al Jolson had his own theatre?
Me neither. 

A FORGOTTEN murder, not the other kind.

A VERY handsome pooch, no?

pretty flowers
 (we have LOTS of pretty flowers and pretty flower items in my store)
It's a trombone flash mob ...
 ... which, you must admit, is pretty cool.

WHAT a relic this is !!!
The above is playbill cover for the 1927 Broadway production Dracula starring Bela Lugosi.  So this image was WITHIN FEET of the man himself.  Think about that. 

When you're done thinking about that, think about this:
Not only ferocious, but WAY sharper in real life.  Not the slightly blurred way it looks above.

Wanna see more blankets?  Go here:

Wanna see THOUSANDS more examples of awesome awesomeness? (and we're just talking my store.  Not all of Zazzle.)  Go here:

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