Monday, October 17, 2016

pillow talk

Latest throw pillows !!

from the cover of a 1950s album of Latin music ...
PERFECT for the Latin decor, Caribbean decor or music-intensive decor !
 from an early 1950s ad for television sets
Just the thing for the Western decor, retro decor, vintage TV decor, Western movie decor or man cave !
This pillow's print was done with real foreign coins that I  put in my scanner.
 For the eclectic decor, international decor, eclectic decor and/or as a gift for your favorite coin collector !
From an EPIC score of old fruit and vegetable can labels
Something awesome for the vintage advertising decor, retro decor, country decor or sauerkraut lover !!
Another food-oriented pillow, from an old old magazine ad for soup or tomato juice or something similar.
Something bo cool for the tomato decor, country decor and/or eclectic decor.

Note that all of the above pillows have the same image on their reverse that they have on the front.  In the case of those pillows without text, the back is a mirror image of the front.

Get even MORE awesome throw pillows here:

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