Monday, October 24, 2016

Let's rap...

...about raptors !!!

Over this past weekend, there was the Cape May Raptor Show.  


Me holding a gyrfalcon

world's biggest owl

ready for his close-up 

golden eagle
True fact: a bunch of years ago, on a very windy day, a golden eagle appeared in my backyard.  Alas, couldn't find my camera.

bald eagle
This guy has quite a resume; he's appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and a bunch more, and also some commercials.

snowy owl
Snowy had two settings: sleepy and smiley. 

This is him halfway between both.

ready for his close-up.

We went to the event on Saturday, and again on Sunday.  Saturday I didn't have my camera, which was a shame because the vulture was rocking that vulture stance where the head is low,and his shoulders, which look like he's wearing a black coat with epic shoulder pads, loom above.
sorta like this
(the above was pulled off the net, and should give you an idea of what I was looking for).

Unfortunately, on Sunday, Bee Bee the Vulture spent most of her time preening, and none of her time helping me get the shot I wanted.
 "Heyyyy, vulturevulturevulture,  heyyyy vulturevulturevulture...'

I kept trying, and finally got her to do this:

This is me holding Bee Bee.

The other birds there were two little hawks, names of which I forget (it begins with the letter 'A'), a barn owl, another kind of hawk, also whose name I forget, and a cara cara, i.e. Mexican eagle.  I took photos of all, but the only ones that turned out well are what you see here.

Wanna see more?

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