Thursday, June 25, 2015

New (old) stuffs!

Now that some of my time is sorta kinda being freed up, I'm back hot and heavy selling the old and the awesome for which I've become so well-known to... well, four or five relatives, a neighbor or two, and a bunch of peeps at the local flea markets and auctions.

Firstly, we have this bo cute 1950s spoon rest, which...
 you can turn into a wall-mounted spoon rest, on acccounta there's two holes in the back for hanging purposes.

 Mid-Century Modern bull bank!

We're bullish on banks!!

Not only is the above completely and fully awesome, he has his original cork stopper.

Next up, the opulence...

 Something over the top-ish for your Hollywood Regency decor.  

Here.  Kitty.

 Kitty resides on a 1957 example of restaurant china, marking the opening of Cheshire Cheese, which claimed to be 'a London chop house.' and was located in the Sheraton Philadelphia.  Considering how appalling British food is (even in London) it's never a good idea to claim your restaurant offers British-inspired grub.  

Here's something verrrrry pretty.

 1950s Italian art glass, original label and MINT condition.

Another kitty!!

 The above is one of the rarer Royal Copley kitty cats.

Next, old time Libbey glass in an even older time pattern, Old Plantations.
For those of you how know this pattern (or don't knot this pattern); we have the following in the set: Garden Party, The Ball, Show Boat, Down on the Levee, and two MInt Julep Time.

DRAGONWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

circa 1910 wine pitcher and cups

THREE lots of NS Ivory China -- Mountain Yellow pattern.  (note that I have lots more than what you see here; it's just not on Etsy yet-sy.)

back to the opulent

Saving the best for last...

Mid-Century Modern /cat collectible letter holder!

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