Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Buy vintage costume jewelry for yourself

You should absolutely, positively, DEFINITELY get at least one of these charming baubles for yourself.  

Each and every one comes with a happy, positive vibe to make YOU happy.  

What do kitty cats like?
Sarah Coventry fish, especially.

Sarah made what looks like another sea critter for us:

How gloriously glam is this???
in beYOOtiful smoky blue

It's monkey time!

Oh, the time I put into getting even a half-way decent photo of this beauty.
There are GOLD rhinestones here, plus aurora borealis, plus white, plus amber.  
It's unbelieveably gorgeous.  I just fervently wish I could get a good picture of it.

Here's another with a less than great photo.
It's a fur tree!

with teeny little faux pearl berries

I don't Coro what you say,
I won't live in a world without awesome goldtone vintage Maltese cross-shaped jewelry.

VERY cool sterling silver brooch

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