Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'm baaack

Yet again I have to apologize for being MIA.  It was yet another busy week.

Anyway, here's some stuff in my Ebay store you might want to buy.  (I would definitely want to buy them, but I already own them, so it's kinda a moot point.) 9/24/15: speaking of moot, the stuff is gone from my eBay store.  But I thought you'd like to see it anyway.


Old non-panty girdles for keeping your pulchritude from jiggling!!!

Playtex 'I Can't Believe It's a Girdle'

In bewitching black, the label of which reads 'Fantastic Creation'

 another Playtex.  This one is called 'Double Diamonds'

I'm also selling bowties!  Or bow ties.  All for one money.

 What's a bowtie-wearing gent without...

Winner take ALL

 No ties or cufflinks for you?  Then how about..

a Hungry Palette skirt!
Note the appaliing 1970s wallpaper in the background.

Not interested in clothing/accessories?

No problem!

Enjoy hours of reading about the big-ish names of the Seventies!!

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