Tuesday, May 13, 2014

the Tuesday Song of the Week

This week's entry is just fabulous.


'Fabulous' - Charlie Gracie

Charlie is a City of Bothersome Love local, and was on his way to a fabulous career, until he butted heads with 'the world's oldest teenager' (you know who) who was pocketing money actually owed to Charlie.  True fact: if you appeared on the world's oldest teenager's show, you would be expected to return to him whatever you were paid to appear.  This didn't sit right with Charlie's father, and so they went after the world's oldest scumbag -- oops, sorry -- teenager to get Charlie's money.  That he got.  He also got effectively blacklisted, and because the world's oldest insanely greedy scumbag -- oops, sorry again - I meant teenager...  Anyway, because of the clout he had, Charlie didn't have the career he should have had.

Amazingly, the guy is not bitter (or he doesn't let it show).  What's even more amazing is that he's been able to work as a musician his entire life -- was and is still big in Europe and Japan, PLUS Paul McCartney claims Charlie as one of his early inspirations.  I've met Charlie several times, and he's just the nicest, humblest person you could possibly encounter.   

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