Sunday, May 11, 2014

latest ashtrays

It's been quite some time since I found any new old advertising ashtrays, but I got FIVE at a flea market last week, and one a few days before that.

I really like this one.
They put some thought into the design.
D. H. DeNardo & Co. Jewelers - Braddock, PA *

Less design thought put into this one,
but lots of info.
LMS TV Service 
This one's from Philadelphia.  The locals must have had a lot of TV problems, judging by how many ashtrays I have from Philly-area TV fixers.

Another TV guy!
Paul Shiffer
 E-town??  I'm guessing that's Elizabethtown.

The late and lamented Russian Tea Room

And now, TWO from Iowa
B & W Mobile Homes, Des Moines

Oscar Thompson's Mallard Motel

Here's what I'm wondering: You're moving from Iowa to the City of Bothersome Love for work or school, or just to partake in the wonderful junk food (Philly IS the junkfood capital of the world: cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, butter cake, and more pizza places than anywhere else on the globe.  True fact.). So while you're packing up, what would possess you to bring TWO ashtrays with you?  Or any ashtrays?  If you're driving, your car has an ashtray.  If you're flying... well, back in the day you could smoke on planes.  And if you took a train, there was likely to be a smoking car.  Strange...

*I thought typing the name in -- even though you can read what's on the ashtray -- would drive some more peeps here to experience the joy and wonderment of The Full-Service Bohemian.


  1. I'm always drawn to the ashtrays when I thrift (I rarely buy any as I have never been a smoker). Maybe it reminds me of my youth when smoking just about anywhere was allowed (like Mad men). I think that one day they will be so collectible as it seems as though vapor cigarettes are the wave of the future.

  2. My thoughts exactly! These all remind me of when I was a kid, too, and it seemed all the adults smoked. (I have to admit that I did try it, but got nothing out of it but bad breath.) These also remind me of a time when almost all businesses were small businesses, which is why I only buy advertising ashtrays.