Tuesday, May 20, 2014

latest vintage clothing

Buy vintage clothing!

Look GOOD.

Save money.

 floral 'n frilly cotton print dressing gown

or bathrobe.
 dressing gown sounds so much less frumpy.

PRETTY dress in Hawaiian fabric
 Not a muu muu.  A pretty dress.

classy gold evening wear circa 1969
 This has its original price tag - a big $52.99
I was buying new department store dresses for less than that in the 1980s. 

 dig this if you possibly can!
MAHVELOUS lace bellbottoms!

speaking of lace...
lace up your waist!

In addition to clothes, we have TWO 1960s ladies who lunch handbags:
Bienen Davis double-sided bag

patent leather 'bag by Dorian.'

All of the above for purchase -- and also for buying -- in my Etsy shop:

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