Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New old fashions

I originally wanted to call this post 'New old clothes,' but that doesn't sound very appealing.  

I have TONS and TONS and TONS of stuff to go through, but I'm very very busy with other stuff, so all I have to show you is...

darling darling dotted swiss dress, 

 with super-nice and VERY full skirt

Next up, ROWRRRR

You're seen leopard print lingerie, and leopard print outerwear, but have you ever seen...
a leopard print dress??

Me neither.

Here we have an unimaginably exquisite scarf
which I  just couldn't get a good picture of.
(Yes, I'm quite aware that the full view of the leopard dress is also, um, not a great pic.)

Anyway, the design of the scarf is in the weave.  Above the little treasure chests are
floating the treasures.  Neat, huh?

Speaking of treasures,
GOLD Mad Men era pumps.

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