Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I'm so sorry to have been MIA recently.

One minute I'm in Florida, the next I'm getting all kindsa stuff done to my computer, rendering it not useable on accounta it's in the shop being updated and what have you.

But here I am.  

I'm back.

And with some awe-inspiring stuff, to wit...

some exquisitely mahvelous Crown Ducal chintz dishware, Blue Chintz pattern

almost all of it sold ten minutes after I listed it,

  which you'd expect, right?
Replacements, Ltd. calls this piece the 'lily pond.'
Cause it's big, I guess.

Is nice, yes?*

*There's this game I play with my hubs when we're set up at flea markets, called 'the Russian Game.'  Where we live you get a lot of Russians at the fleas.  As they approach the table, when they find something they like, they say, 'How much is?'  And then you tell them, they offer an absurdly low-ball figure.  

So I'll come up to our table, pick up something and say, 'How much is?' in my best (and bo authentic) Russian accent.  He gives the price, and I say, 'I give you fyeefty cents.'  The fun of the game is watching people witness this with their eyes rolling, and sending pity  in my hubs's direction.   

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