Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Tuesday Song of the Week

This one reminds me soooo much of my after school job at Martindale's Health Foods in Head House Square, Philly, where I worked around 1982

'You Hit the Spot' - Graham Parker

Just found out that Martindale's is STILL in business in Springfield, PA.

Funny story (although not funny at the time): Was on the El on my way to work there, and thinking how much I loved that job.  When I came from the door, the first thing the manager told me they were closing in a month. 

Their NJ store was doing worse than the Philly store, but they NJ store couldn't get out of its lease as easily.  The Philly store was doing pretty well, I thought.

Once had some one call and ask if it was a restaurant.

'No, ma'am,' I said.  'This is a health food store.'

'Not a restaurant?'


'Well, can you at least check?'

I checked.  It was definitely not a restaurant.

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