Tuesday, July 25, 2017

MORE unique ties for discerning guys

I've been spending a lot of time in the tie designing business.

Here's what I got for you today:

From a 1930s ad for engine oil.

 Don't I hand-color good?
Who doesn't love elves?

Especially elves carrying two large -- for the elf -- packages of chewing gum.
Now this is something REALLY special
 It's King Tatarrax being attended by his maidens while he lies under his golden bells.
Learn more about him here: 

Next up, two identical twin Saint Bernard dogs, one carrying some alcoholic libation, and one carrying a bottle of refreshing White Rock soda.

 I'll take the soda.
A juggling juggler !!

 Don't I hand-color good?
For when you're feeling regal

Note that all the watermarks are only her to protect you from flying monkeys.  (I know you know that already, but a reminder doesn't hurt.)

See more, get more here:


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