Saturday, January 7, 2017

latest Kitty Cucumber figurines

The feline adorableness keeps on coming !!

We got a kitty who's ALSO a bunny !!
And not just a bunny, but also an ornament !!!
(check out the metal loop on the top of his hood)

Next up is Priscilla, who's getting ready for bed:
Pretty glamorous, no?

Cats, in my experience, LOVE eggs.  

I don't eat eggs hardly ever, but one of my cats, when she realized I was eating scrambled eggs, would jump on the table, forgo the plate and try to take the eggs out of my mouth.

Which brings us to...
 A VERY lucky kitty, who found a chicken that lays Easter eggs.

Blowing out the candle before bedtime.

I have a question for all you out there.

How come they don't make Kitty Cucumber figurines anymore?  They they still make the very hideous and bo kitschy Precious Moments figurines, and yet these are many many times more appealing.    

Our next entry, is the very handsome J. P. Buster, functioning as a ring bearer:

For the wedding of Albert and Kitty Cucumber...

Add the bridesmaid figurine, 
And you've got a fabulous cake topper ensemble !!

Last entry for today,
Kitty Cucumber has either been to the market,
Or she's been picking flowers.

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