Monday, January 30, 2017

announcing 2017's first...

thrift run !!

Last week I was booked for a focus group near the City of Bothersome Love.  Fortunately, the group was supposed to start at 10:00 a.m. which would give me abundant thrift shopping time.

Even more fortunately, they overbooked, and let me -- and two other overbookees -- out, payment in hand.  


First store: A small one in G'town.  I almost never leave that one empty handed, but this time I did.

Second store: A newish one in MelPar.  I was there once before, and they had bupkis.  I didn't really want to go back, but something told me to go in.
SOOO glad I heeded that direction.

Here'sa what I got:
Very handsome, very colorful
circa 1900 bisque cavalier, a little over 8" tall.  Most likely began life in Germany.

nifty little art glass bud vase
Also MINT.

fantastically awesome art glass hippopotamus bowl/planter  

PERFECT gift for the hippo collector, hippopotamus collector, or glass animal collector.
Also MINT.

Speaking of glass animals,
this little guy is hails from Sweden.  Still has his Gullaskruf label.
He's either MINT or near mint.  It feels like there might be a flea bit on his mane.

Rembrandt is in the house !!
 A fantastic example of mantiques, Rembrandt began life on a mantle clock.

Not mint.  On the back, one of the legs on his stool was damaged.  

Is that noticeable?  No.  Does he wobble because of it?  No.  

Is he SUPER cool and a fantastic addition to the antiquey decor?  YES.

Lastly, we got Cambridge's Bashful Charlotte flower frog, in moonlight blue
 Also MINT.
 Note that Charlotte is more likely an Imperial Glass redo, because her base is ribbed.  But she's still old -- anywhere from 30 to almost 60 years old -- and awesomely awesome.

Third and fourth stores: both in LnCt

At the first I got a pair of frumpys (i.e. what I call sweat pants.  The hubbage refers to them as my 'Joe Palooka pants.')

AND I got the following example of epic adorableness, to wit:


Plus, have you ever seen anything cuter than this Peter Rabbit print drape??

Me, neither.

At the second store, I got:

 this crazy marriage between a circa 1920 half-doll and  circa 1960 bisque shoe.
Basically MINT.

I also got TWO 1930s nightgowns and a set of polka dotted demitasse cups/saucers.  

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