Monday, June 6, 2016

latest in vintage clothing

Are you ready???


silver bells

i.e. silver-trimmed bellbottoms
or 'silver-trimmed bell bottoms.'  Either is correct.

 circa 1920 men's collars

TEN circa 1920s men's collars
Back in the day men's shirts didn't have collars attached.

This is Calvin Coolidge.
 If it appears that the collar on his shirt is a little aggressive vis-a-vis climbing up his neck, it's because a) that was the style, and b) he's wearing one of the collars like I have for sale.

Lace up! 

 pretty, no?

the hem's pretty, too.

The above is NOS, i.e. 'new old stock' 
It's old - 1960s - but it's new, since it was never worn, and has the original tags.
No doubt you've noticed the age discoloration, but a good soaking in Oxyclean and/or 40 Mule Team Borax will remove it nicely.

Now THIS is something special: 
 For those who look awful in cheongsams, which is pretty much everybody not of Asian extraction, the frock above allows you to have your Chinese and wear it, too.  

cute detailing

mahvelous fabric

neat collar detail

awesomely cool belt

 Now onto the super-sweet seersucker

 it's a nightgown
But it doesn't scream 'nightgown' so you could wear it chilling out on the deck on a hot summer whatever.

Here's the tag.
Isn't that just the cutest????

prairie schoolmarm is in the house! 
The two pieces didn't begin life together, but I did find them on the same day, at different thrift stores.

Here are closeups of the prints:

similar, but not identical.
Nevertheless, they look oh so charming when paired together.

Speaking of charming...
A classic retro cutie...

in what looks sorta kinda like a bubble knit.
Note that the color you see in the full view of the dress IS the actual color.

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