Thursday, June 2, 2016

gettin' political

Now, we all know who this is referring to, and so I thought designing something that asks a question would foster some conversation between the anti factions and those who support the malevolent draft-dodging buffoon, famous for almost regularly filing for bankruptcy, whose Trump University was largely a scheme to fleece the people who couldn't afford to be fleeced.  (Had he fleeced the Koch brothers -- now that would have been epic.)  

The above is available on postcards -- greeting cards - buttons in THREE sizes: regular, bigger than regular, and huge, plus t-shirts -- tote bags -- wallets -- bumper stickers

Note that my personal views range from far to the left of Gus Hall to far to the right of Glen Beck, and much that is in between.  And while I usually don't care a lot about who gets in, this guy is scary.  

See some?

To see all, go here:

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