Thursday, April 21, 2016

the Full Service Bohemian goes to...

the Zoo !!

True fact: our downashore house is 4.8 miles from the Cape May County Zoo.

So I took a trip there last week on...

my beautiful bike.  I get compliments ALL the time on this bike.  I guess its rare for a bike to be dentist office green.

I rode the bike to the street in front of my house.  Here's what it looks like: 

Here's what my City of Bothersome Love street looked like:
Big difference, no?

Here's more of what my new nabe has to offer:
Water.  And LOTS of it.  And what's not water is wetland.

And here we are!

It's the only zoo in the world that allows bears to go free range.

Not the best day for picture-taking.
The white owl above is SUPER beautiful.  

farm style critters

This guy is the best-looking one. 

Just so you know.

freakiest critter in the zoo, hands down.
half rabbit, half giant rat

these birds - some kind of Indian quail(ish) bird - wander the zoo freely.

so do


One had wandered near one of the snack bars, and the male half of a retirement age couple said, 'Well, look at this!, meaning the peacock three feet away from him.  The wife replied, 'Ooh, those pretzels look good.'

One of two.
There might be more but two was all I saw.

The otters are near some ducks.  I heard another retirement age couple have the following exchange.

cranky wife: We didn't need to come to the zoo to look at ducks.

husband: but I like ducks.

the bird building bears beautiful birds.

The fellow below really charmed me.
Isn't he cute?

You cross a bridge to get to another part of the zoo.
Where you can see white deer.

Another comical (to me at least) exchange I heard, while crossing the bridge:

3 year-old girl, crying: I wan' Cindawella!!

exasperated mom: What are you talking about?? There's no Cinderella here.

 I LOVE buffaloes for some reason.  They're so big and so shaggy and so chill about it.  

Cape May County Zoo is one of few in the world to have the bo endangered and exceptionally rare...
North American headless ostrich

The cheetah cheetahed me out of a full view of his beautifulness.

There's no leopard like snow leopard,
They chill when the day's hottttt, everything about them is appealling, when you get that spotted furry feeling. Yes, there's no leopard like snow leopard...
(to the tune of 'There's No Business Like Show Bussines'.'  Thank you.)

King of the Jungle

I saw some of The Sin of Harold Diddlebock (google it!) this week.  It is hySTERical; plus the main character has a pet lion named Jackie, that he drags around on a leash.   

So that's the end of my trip to the zoo.

Know that the Cape May County Zoo is ranked number 13 in the world on Trip Advisor.  And not only that but admission is FREE.  (Although if you're a mensch or menschette, you'll pony up a buck or ten.)  

Know also that there is NO Cinderella there. 

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