Tuesday, January 19, 2016

kitty, pretty, and...


(Note that all below are a) thoroughly awesome, and b) watermarked for YOUR protection from flying monkeys.  No need to thank me. ) 

A view of Yellowville, town of the Midnight Sun
Also known as the town of the Midday Sun

Some oldsters refer to it simply as Yellowville, town of low electric bills.

Now onto the previously promised kitty and pretty:

kitty is from 1906.
The Commanding Officer has a near twin currently at the Bustleton Ave. PetSmart's kitty adoption center.  His name is Shawes.  He's cute and super-cuddly, and you should get off your duff right now, and go over and put in an application for him.  You won't regret it.  Update: Shawes was adopted by a family who adore him.
 You can get The Commanding Officer on all kinds of apparel and housewares and home decor and accessories and more must-have stuff that you must have, especially if you're a cat person.  Or you know a cat person.
You probably figured this out already -- or at least I hope you did -- but The Commanding Officer began life as a real photo postcard, i.e. RPPC, as we call it in the trade.  I got the card at a flea market a week or two ago.  

Now onto pretty, who arrived in this world a year later than The Commanding Officer:

Found her swinging in a 1907 issue of Ladies Home Journal.

She was originally an ad for something -- cereal I seem to recall - and she originally had a kid hanging over her back.  The kid, who was sort of unattractive, had to go.  Belieb me, the image looks waaayy better without it.  

The lovely lady is also available on oodles of marvelousity.  I'm talking apparel and home items and housewares and accessories like wallets (above), buttons, bags of various sorts, and MORE MORE MORE.  Note that she is NOT NOT NOT blurry as you see above and nothing else is blurry either.  All sharp as sharpness can be. 

For all of the above,  go here: https://www.zazzle.com/the_olden_eye/products

and in the 'Search This Store' box, enter either 'Yellowville' 'Commanding' or 'swing'

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