Sunday, October 4, 2015

There be dragons

on my vintage Japanese dragonware.

Divine, no?
 Note that the above is one of your last opportunities to see something photographed on my City of Bothersome Love porch, on accounta me and the hubbage be moving in a couple months.  So enjoy it while you can.  

Equally divine.

and even more so.

All of the above are resting comfortably in my Etsy shop, waiting for you.  I've divided up all three -- the pot, the creamer and sugar bowl set, the cups and saucers -- into three listings.  There may be some teapot/coffee pot collectors that don't want the other pieces, or people with partial sets of dragonware cups and saucers that already have the other pieces, yada yada.  Makes it easier for everyone.  

Now go get 'em:

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