Wednesday, October 7, 2015

new old vintage!

New to you,

but old, if you can follow that in any way.

1970s cotton pink heather skirt with double pockets! 
     EXACTLY the same style of skirt my 7th grade sewing class tried to sew.
 But professionally made, and therefore not the mess that the skirt I made was.

Now we have another bo desirable item, to wit: a 1950s lucite handbag. 
 Gold confetti lucite!!

Now back to attire:
      maaavelous 1960s lace babydoll dress 
Those wonderful bell sleeves are over 30" in circumference!!!!!!!

Now something from a little later, by the great Mr. Dino

And now for something oh so simple and sweet, same era:

 Early 1980s, and no doubt inspired by Urban Cowboy

 It's hard to imagine today the impact of that movie on the sheeple.  If you could go back in time to summer 1980 on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ, you'd see that about 2/3 of the crowd was wearing cowboy hats.

UPDATE: Most of the above are sold.

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