Thursday, March 13, 2014

rare and mysterious


  Found these yesterday

They're in marvelous shape, so I thought perhaps they were new (and so I wouldn't bother buying), until I turned them over and saw this logo.
When was the last time anything like this was made in the USA?

In addition to the dinner plates above - which I have eight of, not just four -- I got two 
vegetable bowls.

eight dessert bowls
even though you're only seeing four.

And a creamer and sugar bowl.

From the 'net: 'Charm House was created from March 1949 to October 1950. It is one of the most complicated lines to discuss since it was used in so many different ways. It was made with two new types of decorations from the 1950s; Applique and Dura-Print, as well as with decal treatments.'  It goes on to mention Homer Laughlin, but it's very confusing. Did Homer Laughlin make this or not??

'Tis a mystery.

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